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Look no further for the next big food "trend".

Mini-Donut catering through Sweet Bee's is a unique, fun and tasty way to spice-up your wedding, corporate event, party or other promotion. We will supply you and your guests with golden-brown, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside mini donuts. Choose any one of our unique sugar dustings to create a flavor experience for your guests. You can choose a flavor profile that meets your needs. Whether it's the classic cinnamon and sugar, the spicy cayenne and sugar mix or my personal favorite, the saturday morning cartoon sugar mix, it's sure to be a hit! Contact us to schedule!

At Sweet Bee's we've created a unique three-prong approach to help you 'create your own story'. 

You can have your mini donuts catered in three different ways. We also offer a large discount for restaurants and bakeries that wish to purchase in the 'savor the flavor for later' category. 

Our most popular way to serve them is made fresh on site with our semi-automatic mini-donut robot. Capture the attention of your guests with the smell of freshly-fried-before-your-eyes-mini-donuts wafting throughout the air. The donuts are served carnival style in a bag with 10-12 donuts/bag. The cost is $5.00/bag plus a travel fee. Minimum purchase of 100 bags. 

Order our doughnuts freshly made and bagged. With this option, the donuts can be bagged by the dozen or boxed and can be used to make your own 'pinterest-worthy' display or serve by the bag. You can use this option to create a donut wall, milk and donuts appetizer (or coffee) or any other idea you could come up with! If creating a donut wall or another display, we recommend planning for 3-4 donuts per guest. The cost for this option is $5.00/bag. 

Freshly-sizzled mini donuts are packed and frozen within minutes. Pop these mini donuts in the oven at 350 degrees and sprinkle with your desired sugary concoction for that on-the-spot-made flavor! This option is best if you're ordering to make a donut cake or tree with. This is also a great option for smaller parties, office events or if you want to bring to an event as a dish to pass! With this option, the donuts can last in the freezer for months and be brought out for any mini donut crisis you may have. We do all of the work and supply you with all of the ingredients for a 'mini donut DIY'. Even the most novice of bakers can complete this task, I promise! The cost for this option is 0.35 per donut.

Mini-Donut Robot
Freshly Made & Bagged
Savor the Flavor for Later (Frozen)
Mini Donut Ideas*

*These are images from Pinterest.

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